OG Kush Strain Review

Ideally, OG Kush is a renowned strain that is famous for its high THC content and its role in making other well-known strains. The Indica-dominant hybrid is known to hit hard and bring an extremely cerebral and euphoric high. It is a strain that has received a warm reception from both medical marijuana and recreational marijuana users.

One of the reasons why MMJ patients love it is the benefits it has on depression, chronic pain, and anxiety. As such, it has largely impacted the cannabis industry and that explains why it tops the list of the most popular marijuana strains in the market.

What is OG Kush Cannabis?

The OG Kush strain has been regarded as the backbone of so many popular cannabis strains all over the world. It is said to have revolutionized the entire marijuana industry and has since seen a growth in its popularity. Most experts have categorized the strain as a hybrid even though very little is known about its real genetic origins. Rumors have it that the strain could be a blend between the parent plants the Hindu Kush and Chemdawg.

Despite the rumors remaining unconfirmed, the origins of this strain seem to matter less given the impact that the OG Kush strain has made the marijuana world go crazy. As earlier mentioned, so many subsequent phenotypes are bred from OG Kush. Surprisingly, these phenotypes have gained immense popularity both among medical and recreational marijuana users.

OG Kush Review: Flavor, Aroma, Appearance

  • Flavor

The flavor and the fragrance of OG Kush match with each other. You will easily notice its earthy undertones and a sort of woody, herbal flavor. It has some sweet notes as well. These mix up so well with the citrusy notes to bring this strain a very special taste.

  • Aroma

For the aroma, you should not expect anything so sweet. The strain has some fresh scent along with some earthy tones. The aroma of the OG Kush strain is the same as pine with some hints of spice, lime, and lemon.

  • Appearance

The OG Kush strain resembles cannabis without the vibrant pops of color. It has yellow-greenish sugar leaf color and orange pistils. Every bud has a dense coating of crystalline trichomes. You should keep in mind its high THC percentage though.

OG Kush Growing Info, Common Usage, and Effects

Keeping in mind its high price, it is beyond any reasonable doubt that growing OG Kush is not an easy undertaking. It is slightly sensitive and is easily susceptible to powdery mildew. The strain is also likely to be attacked by diseases and bugs owing to its low resistance.

OG kush

With all these factors in mind, OG Kush should be grown in well-optimized settings. If you have to cultivate it outdoors, ensure to provide the strain with a hot and tropical kind to encourage its growth. The flowering time for this strain will depend on whether you grow it indoors or outdoors. If it is grown indoors in a controlled microclimate, the flowering time could be anywhere between 8 and 9 weeks.

Here, the yield is expected to be 17 ounces for every square meter. When OG Kush is grown outdoors, you can expect the flowering time to be in early October. The weight of the yield will be around 16 ounces for every plant.

Common usage:


  • Calming
  • Euphoria
  • Hungry
  • Social
  • Uplifting

Percentage Of THC, CBD, Sativa, and Indica in OG Kush

Due to its vibrant mix of genetic traits, the OG Kush strain tests as follows:

  • THC- 23.5%
  • CBD- 0%
  • Sativa- 55%
  • Indica- 45%

OG Kush Effects On Mind and Body

The OG Kush strain remains true to its hybrid category and for this, it is well balanced with a high offering the best of the two worlds. Once you consume OG Kush weed, you should be ready for a strong euphoria as well as intense cerebral effects.

That will be followed by a mild to strong couch-lock effect. It is always good to keep in mind that OG Kush has been classified among the most uplifting strains in the market. It gives users a combination of a body-melting euphoria and a calm state of mind.

OG Kush Benefits

OG Kush strain had a massive growth in popularity because of its potent potential benefits. Most individuals prefer it over prescription medications that come with nasty side effects. For instance, OG Kush is frequently used by MMJ patients for psychological disorders as well as chronic pain.

The robust cannabinoid profile of this strain helps to numb and relax sore sports and reduce inflammation. The strain can also be used for insomnia/lack of sleep and mental afflictions like depression and anxiety. When doing this, consumers are advised not to over-consume as that can do more harm than good. Just understand your limits and stick to them.

Side Effects

Consumers have frequently reported dry eyes and dry mouth as the most common side effects when using this strain. This should however never worry you as they are conditions that you can easily manage. Simply drink hydrating liquids and use moisturizing eye drops to curb dry mouth and dry eyes respectively.

Other users have reported mild paranoia after using the strain. However keep in mind that the high will soon pass and simply maintaining slow, deep, and steady breaths helps to keep your head very clear. Other ways of overcoming the effects of THC overdose will be meditation as well as deep relaxation techniques.

Final Thoughts

OG Kush has been seen to be a hard hitter in both worlds of medical and recreational use. As such, you need to give it a try if you have not tried it before. If you are living in a state where marijuana is legal, you should easily access this strain.

Dealing with the side effects with concern, the best way to battle them out is using the strain cautiously if you are THC-sensitive. You also need to understand your limits in case you are prone to anxiety and paranoia as a result of THC use.

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