How to Take CBD

CBD is one of the many chemical compounds, known as cannabinoids, present in cannabis plants. The cannabinoid has brought so much revolution in the health and wellness industry for its claimed medical benefits. All this started after the legalization of regulated production of hemp from the 2018 Farm Bill that saw CBD increasingly becoming very popular.

CBD has been considered for conditions like pain, muscle aches, anxiety, sleep disorders as well as treating seizures. If you believe that the hemp-derived and natural remedy will be a good option for you, we are here to guide you on how to take CBD.

How to Take CBD

With CBD having so many uses, it is good to keep in mind that there are CBD forms that are more bioavailable than the rest. What this means is that there will be a difference in how CBD gets absorbed in the body. Learning how to take CBD is not an easy task. Below are some of the most popular ways of taking CBD:

  • Oils and Tinctures

These are simply extracted from the plant material that is dissolved in ethanol. The liquid comes in a bottle accompanying a dropper.

  • Gummies

These are soft and chewable candies infused with CBD. They arrive in different flavors for people who dislike the taste of CBD.

  • Capsules

These are soft gels or tablets meant to be ingested orally.

  • Sprays

This comes in a liquid form in a bottle that has a nozzle. You will simply spray it in your mouth.

  • Vapes

CBD oil is heated without being ignited which yields an inhalable vapor.

  • Edibles

This is any food that has been mixed with CBD. These include smoothies, chips, and brownies.

  • Topicals

These are CBD-infused creams that are applied to the skin for localized pain relief. CBD topical products include lotions, salves, and bath bombs.

Best Ways to Take CBD

Now that you know the different ways of taking CBD, you are probably wondering about the best ways of consuming CBD, right? Well, different aspects should inform you about the best way to take CBD. First, you need to evaluate the CBD consumption method that gets CBD working within the shortest time possible.


Second, you should evaluate the period that effects last for a certain consumption method. The dosage should also come into play when deciding on how to take CBD. With all these factors in mind, two consumption methods beat all the odds. These are:

Oral Ingestion

If you have never tried CBD before, oral ingestion will be a good starting point. You have probably used capsules or pills before meaning that taking CBD this way should be easy. Additionally, monitoring CBD dosage will be very easy with the pills and capsules as they arrive in pre-measured size.

Another way of orally ingesting CBD will be through CBD oil, commonly known as a tincture. You simply need to place the tincture under your tongue using a dropper and allow it to sit there for a few minutes. Other people use the tincture in their food by adding a few drops in their smoothie, for instance.

The other indigestible option is via edibles like gummies. These are small and tasty candies arriving in a wide range of flavors and packed with CBD. They are the best for people who are looking to avoid the bad taste of CBD.

Topical Application

To use CBD for muscle aches or pains, the best way to do that is via CBD topical application. It offers localized pain relief and works very fast. Athletes love these topical applications for relief from injuries and pain. There is a wide range of products that have been made for topical application including lotions, salves, and bath bombs.

CBD Dosage

After knowing how to take CBD, the next question will be the ideal CBD dosage. The answer to that is not straightforward. The reason for that is that, apart from Epidiolex (a CBD-infused drug for treating epilepsy), the FDA is yet to regulate CBD usage.

Precisely, it is not legal to market CBD as a supplement or even add it to food. For that reason, you must consult a doctor who is experienced with CBD to advise on the ideal dosage. CBD proponents argue that CBD dosage, expressed in milligrams, depends on the symptoms and conditions that you wish to address. The

Endocannabinoid system responsible for your mood, appetite, sleep, and a whole lot more activities also has a hand in it. As of now, CBD dosage has been an area of research where enough evidence is needed to determine the right dosage, safety, and efficacy.

Final Thoughts

By now, you are aware that there are different ways of consuming CBD. On the question of how to take CBD best, we want to believe that there is no better way than the other. Again, people’s needs vary and what is best for someone could not be best for you.

The most important thing is to understand why you are using CBD and whether a certain CBD consumption method meets your needs. Among the things that people are interested in as far as taking CBD is concerned, is the period that CBD period kicks in. they are similarly interested in the timeframe that desired effects last.

Try different CBD consumption methods as a way of finding what suits you best. Again, before indulging yourself in CBD usage, you need to seek advice from your doctor especially if you are on medication.

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