March 2022


What is CBD?

Over the past years, CBD has earned praises from health and wellness enthusiasts all over the globe. However, the industry still waits for the FDA to provide guidelines about the marketing and distribution of the new consumer product. This notwithstanding, the booming sales and increased consumer excitement prove beyond any reasonable doubt that CBD is …

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OG Kush Strain Review

Ideally, OG Kush is a renowned strain that is famous for its high THC content and its role in making other well-known strains. The Indica-dominant hybrid is known to hit hard and bring an extremely cerebral and euphoric high. It is a strain that has received a warm reception from both medical marijuana and recreational …

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What is Cannabis?

In modern times, there has been massive interest in cannabis. This has been mainly due to its purported health and wellness benefits. As a result, there have been several significant developments that have happened concerning the substance over time. These include impressive levels of research efforts by leading institutions across the globe. The legal environment …

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Picking cannabis leaf

How to Take CBD

CBD is one of the many chemical compounds, known as cannabinoids, present in cannabis plants. The cannabinoid has brought so much revolution in the health and wellness industry for its claimed medical benefits. All this started after the legalization of regulated production of hemp from the 2018 Farm Bill that saw CBD increasingly becoming very …

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A big cannabidiol farm

Farm Bill 2018

The Farm Bill of 2018 is one of the most popular Acts in the United States today, and there is a significant level of interest in it across several sectors. While many people know that the bill exists, they have limited knowledge about it. This is made evident by numerous search queries on phrases such …

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hemp leaf vs marijuana leaf

Hemp vs Marijuana

No doubt, of late, both hemp and marijuana have risen to mainstream use due to their purported health, wellness, and recreational benefits. However, the terms are often used together, and there seems to be confusion among the population concerning the differences if there are any. It is paramount to note that there are significant differences …

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